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Develop your business with Kanetora - A reputable FIBC bags manufacturer

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Kanetora - FIBC bags manufacturer supporting your business development

What are FIBC bags? Benefits of FIBC bag to your business. Kanetora - a reputable FIBC bags manufacturer in Vietnam you should know.

It’s always essential to save costs as much as better. One of the best ways to reduce shipping costs is to use FIBC bags in the exporting market. If you are wondering about choosing a reliable FIBC bags manufacturer, Kanetora is a good choice. Let’s dig into this reputable brand in this post.

Kanetora is one of the best FIBC bags manufacturers

What are FIBC bags?

FIBC stands for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container including jumbo bags, big bags and bulk bags. These bags refer to large-sized bags to store and deliver different types of products such as cement, sand, plastic resins, and stone….

With the help of intelligent design, FIBC bags offer many benefits beyond that of traditional bags. Thus, more and more companies prefer using this type of container.

Manufacturing FIBC bags

FIBC bags reduce your shipping cost

FIBCs not only protect your products from external factors but also bring your business many benefits. Here are some ways jumbo bags cut the shipping cost:

  • Reduce transportation and secondary packing costs: Using traditional bags, you will need to cover the second layer with pallets, this not only increase the packaging cost but also weight and additional space. As a result, the transportation cost is also raises. The FIBC bags are designed to solve this problem.

  • Limit the dead weight: The unspoken truth is that the heavier a container is, the more dead weight you pay for shipping. FIBCs minimize the low dead weight that saves your money.

  • Carry more: Each FIBC bag can carry 450 - 2300kg. Again, these bags save costs.

  • Save storage: FIBCs take up less room since they can be folded into a small size. However, even loaded bags are simple to store because they do not require pallets and may frequently be piled on top of one another.

FIBC bag saves the business costs

FIBC bags manufacturer in Vietnam

On the logistic market today, there are lots of reputable and high-quality FIBC bag manufacturers. One of them is Kanetora, the leading company that is trusted by many partners and customers.

Initially, Kanetora operated for many years in the field of packaging, plastic resins, and chemicals. In 2018, it officially opened a trading company for jumbo bags and plastic beads. A new factory was built in 2020 and officially put into operation in 2021 and then extend to the logistics field.

Kanetora understands customers and prioritizes their benefits so that Kanetora promises to provide the most quality products to consumers.

Kanetora promises to provide the best product to the customers’ hand

That’s all information about FIBC bags. If you are interested in these bags, please contact Kanetora - a reliable FIBC bags manufacturer in Vietnam for the most detailed information.


Hotline: +84 (0) 24 7303 3998


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