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Always Ready to Run - For a Strong and Far-reaching Kanetora

When we talk about Kanetora Vietnam, we cannot help but speak of a strong spirit, unwavering determination, and an incessant desire to rise. Kanetora is not just a name but also a symbol of perseverance and continuous striving in life.

For Kanetora, September is always a month of pride, marking the beginning of Kanetora Vietnam. On September 18, 2018, Kanetora Vietnam was officially established with the ambition to become a leading producer of FIBC bags and exports in Vietnam and worldwide. Kanetora Vietnam has made strong strides on its journey to deliver superior quality products and services.

To commemorate this special event, Kanetora participated in the Techcombank Marathon Season 2 with the theme "Running for an Outstanding Vietnam." With this theme, Kanetora represents both excellence and collective spirit, leaving a mark not just as individuals but as a united entity, inspiring us all to break through every path.

The journey of Kanetora, "Strong and Far-reaching," signifies determination, aspiration, and unity. There is much to learn from this spirit, which we can apply to our daily lives. Let us always be ready to run in life, and reach for our goals, just as the strong spirit of Kanetora embodies.

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