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Sweet Birthday Celebrations For Kanetora’s Staff

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Human resource has always been a top priority at Kanetora. The company always tries to create a professional and friendly working environment where everyone can develop their talents and build meaningful relationships. Monthly birthday celebrations for staff were born for that purpose.

What are the special things that Kantorora’s staff will receive on their birthday? Let’s discover this through the article below.

Sweet wishes from the company and colleagues

At the beginning of the working day, an email with a birthday greeting card will be sent to the mailbox of the birthday person and then bbc for everyone. Thus, everyone in the company can know and send greetings to their dear colleagues on a special day. We believe that wishes will make birthdays more meaningful and memorable.

Practical birthday gift: cash in hand

The practical gift that Kanetora wants to give our employees on their special days is money. The value will depend on rank and position and has been clearly stated in the company's rules. The gift will be hand-delivered to the owner at the monthly birthday party.

Cozy birthday party

Kanetora will deduct company funds to organize a birthday party on the 15th of every month for employees who have birthdays in that month. The sweet party will have birthday cake, fruits, candies, milk tea, etc. Everyone gathers to sing happy birthday songs and celebrate with the owners of the party.

In conclusion, you can see Kanetora prepares the birthday program very intimately and warmly, encapsulating both emotional and material gifts. As a Kanetora employee, you will always feel the joy of your special day.


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