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Why Kanetora is the best place to buy products.

At Kanetora, we are rebellious optimists driven by action, with desire to shape a better future together. We always listen to customer's desire, finding specification and application of product, so we can give optimal choice, guarantee the best quality and competitive price. 

Factory Overview


Total Area Square


Total Capacity bags/month


Total 04 Sewing Workshop Are Square

FIBC Bulk Bag

Our manufacturer operates some of the most technologically advanced manufacturing facilities on the planet, designed to perform at the level of precision and quality necessary to build our product.

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Plastic Resin

We distribute and trade globally all types of polymers such as PP, PE, PET,EVA, PVC, ABS, HIPS, GPPS etc., bridging oil refineries and chemical producers to hundreds of thousands of plastic manufacturers to ensure smooth and efficient supply chain for the industry.

We provide full logistic package with supply chain and inventory policies, handling all logistical processes, providing full door-to-door services (shipment, customs clearance, trucking, warehousing etc.) with excellent service to maximise values ​​for our customers.

Logistics Service

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