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5 years, 1 Journey - Marking Proud Milestones

In September 2018, a new journey filled with aspirations and dreams officially began. Five years, a tremendously significant milestone, marked the birth of Kanetora Vietnam.

The leadership team raised their glasses together to celebrate the company's 5th anniversary.

Over the past period, Kanetora Vietnam has grown, matured, and developed. It was a journey not too long but sufficient for Kanetora to become a trusted partner for both domestic and international customers. It's a journey to be proud of.

The leadership team blew out the candles and wished for the company to grow stronger every day.

"As we look back on the past five years, Kanetora Vietnam takes pride in having a passionate, dynamic, and united team of employees who have never faltered in the face of difficulties or hesitated in the midst of challenges. We dared to dream and dared to pursue our common goals.

With what we have achieved over this time, September is not only an anniversary but also an affirmation that Kanetora Vietnam is on the right path. Entering this new age, with dedication, intellectual strength, and a spirit of unity, Kanetora will continue to be 'Strong and Soaring,' marking new milestones of success and pride."

Excerpt from the birthday wishes letter from CEO Pham Minh Duc.

We have overcome many challenges together, built a respected team, and delivered outstanding products and services.

The leadership and employees at Kanetora Bạch Đằng factory celebrate the company's birthday together.

The leadership and employees of the Ho Chi Minh City Branch

5 years, 1 Journey - Marking Pride

Let's share these memories together and aim for new challenges and brilliant successes.

Kanetora Vietnam, "Strong and Soaring."

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